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A Movie Set
A real château in the heart of Provence listed as a historic monument in 1945.

A marvellous marriage of classical architecture softened by an Italian influence, where you’ll find century year-old trees.

History of filming at Château du Martinet

-La Prophesy of Avignon – Director David DELRIEUX
-Advertising footage for HSBC Philosophy - Director Ivan BIRD
-Advertising footage Renault MEGANE  « Remember » - Director Philippe ANDRE

This château will open its doors to those who combine their dreams with reality.
A real invitation to escape...
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Nous vous informons que nous avons arrêté toutes nos activités commerciales.
Merci beaucoup de votre intérêt pour notre château magique.
Françoise & Ronald de Vries

This is to inform you that we stopped all our commercial activities.
Thank you very much for your interest in our magical castle.
Françoise & Ronald de Vries